Thursday, March 8, 2012

Golden Temple Amritsar.

The Golden Temple Amritsar-
Since Golden Temple amritsar has become one GLOBAL attraction and people from all cultures are visiting this golden site everyday.Read more about their reviews in the below link.I like reading such reviews because makes me more stronger in my faith.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gurbani,fake babas,understanding sikhism

Following my religion(sikhism)
Today my mind inspired to write my thoughts because good thoughts hardly come only when you read gurus bani and you are so inspired and touched by Gurus bani when you are in the initial stages of loving your religion which is eductational and inspirational that we didnt hardly knew.I just start getting up early 3mths ago early say to do my NITNEM(this was instructed by our guru to do it everyday
0 and if I would have some understanding before of GURBANI then guru would have never abandoned me.When I was younger I use to recite japji sahib rehras sahib and also Sukhmani Sahib but all did either i was in pain or need something from god or angry at god,but never try to get the true knowledge inside.Nowadays as I reading the meanings what SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI is actually asking us to do I came to know the true meaning of life and believe me also the happiness or fulfillment i receive when I came to know what gurbani is saying.This is nobody mistake becaue if we would have focus a little on gurbani and try to learn it when young I hope wouldnt have felt like this.Nowadays even we have shabads videos in youtube or internet you can search in which you can see what ragis are singing is being translated in english and punjabi languages etc. for the people to understand.One of my friend said ,before most of us just look at the faces of ragis and try to make out what they were singing.Some things you understand and some you never.SGGS is the knowledge of mind and what we study in schools ,colleges ,universities is the knowledge of body,because we all these degrees diplomas you do may get you a good status,life,money,etc.but this knowledge will end once you get busy in the life.But there is this knowledge in SGGS which will give your mind the status which the mind needs and which our mind has forgotten.This status can be achieved by anyone following on guru path and panth.However your mind would have or would have forgotten the status or happiness you received when you got some Doc,MBA ask your mind again after completing your education lets do it again after 10yrs and your mind will say :FORGET IT ARE YOU CRAZY".I am not saying you should not study or achieve any degrees but if we would have also try to learn what gurbani is saying and also doing studies i can surely say everything would have been so easy.When we have to sit in exams some of us get up early as that is the best time when your mind is relaxed and you can grab things easily.But now you think for yourself why guruji asks us to get up early and do our NITNEM.

Now what I learnt in my 34th year of life is that when I start my prayers 3 months ago was something I always missed which was so close to me felt so far away.I was about to go insane before that just clubbing,drinking,enjoying life etc.At that time my mind also knew that what I was doing is wrong but still u do because ur mind is in god hands and he wont let u come near god until and unless he wants,but that doesnt mean that it is gods will to make u like this. No that is completely wrong because at that time also your mind or you can say god instructs this is wrong but still we keep on doing and try to forget it.He is there with you at that time also but only if knew the knowledge which is in SGGS we would have dont that mistake once twice and after that just forget it. but we keep on doing because we just keep things in mind but keep repeating the same mistakes again and again.Sometimes when we get up drunk and say today i will not go for drinks no matter what happens but still we go later.My point is may be you say that your mind instructs you to say like this but sometimes we just forget what mind is saying and says" whatever happens let it happens who cares".Now after you start gaining knowledge through various means reciting prayers ,listening to kirtan,listening to kathakaars like maskeen ji,pinderpal singh ji,etc. etc.,reading books on gurbani come to know the true SIKHISM is based upon .There is no personal stories or biographies of any of this world rulers written in SGGS,everything is about life and what should be done with ur life and not to mention how to really enjoy your life in the true sense.Now what my mind once said while I was doing paath after first month and this thought came to my mind in an instant that this is what I like and this is what I want.Then I start understanding the meanings of GURBANI in the internet and listening to various tapes and lectures of GURBANI kathakaars to understand the true concept of life.One thing to mention is if you newly started reciting gurbani ,try to understand the meanings and then only you will know the true essence of SGGS.Knowledge is power.Try to get as much knowledge about your religion and then if you stuck at some point try to get the answer first from within and still stuck try to find it by talking to someone which is in your sense the true GURSIKH and no need to go to some pakhandi babas or anybody ask you to go there and here to get your answers.Every answer is there in SGGS only you need to recite GURBANI and understand.I think there are so many true GURSIKHs or u can say BABAJI all around us which have knowledge and can give you answers but we always try to talk to that person which is boasting that he has attained salvation when he has not.First we need to make our mind that if we have wasted so much life finding the true path and now if we are stuck with any fake babas then nothing good is going to happen because then you better carry on with your old life.I can give you one example if you sometimes are stuck with any question regarding sikhism or your religion and want to know something just do your paath and ask god wahegure,pls explain me this thing and whatever good things you are understanding or god want u to understand will help you understand and if you know that in your mind something is rite in this point and something you dont want to understand or is called manmat.whatever good things being explained is gurmat but we listen to manmat more because what gurmat says is true and truth is sometimes hard to digest.The gurmat status is one which anyone can achieve and believe me is also one of the toughest to achieve because everything in gods hands whether you will get some repect and that is why we need to pray everyday to get some respect in his eyes so that we are not abandoned again.I think you will understand if you start saying your NITNEM everyday.As our gurbani says you just need to take one step towards waheguru and rest he will do.First make your mind becuase if you are doing it to achieve something other than god then everything will not fall in place.Just say your prayers that oh god give me some knowledge of yours and he will give you if u say and as everybody says with a true heart to the true GOD WAHEGURU.....but dont say to any fake babas or pakhandi saadhs first.ask your waheguru first and you wont need anyone else.GURBANI says every person will is in his own hands then why we need to go to somebody to achieve GOD when you have Dhan SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JEE in your hands which has so much knowledge that nothing comes close.I just do my nitnem banis and have got so much knowledge.You will get your answers to all your questions from SGGS and no other books can provide that.You can read socilogy,pyschology,science etc but all these subjects came into being later but our GURU ji allready mentioned eveything.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


First of all let me tell you that in our GURBANI -bhagat NAMDEVJI which was a hindu said these words"HINDU ANDHA TURK KANA".I just want to explain all those hindu brothers who are against sikhs and our religion because we need to see ourselves and see what religion are following.Hindu sikh da "sharik" hai and "sharik hamesha apna sharik da criticism karda hai",and criticism or "NINDA" is done by the people or religion who feel why this religion is truthful and logical and speak about NIRANKAR/formless god while hindu consider stones as god.Stones cannot speak,feel,hear or can give something back.So,according to Sikhism whatever you believe as a GOD you become that.If you pray a stone your heart will be stone too because you believe stone as GOD.That is why in 1984 these stone hearted people killed so many sikhs because they were stone hearted.Now I think some of you hindus understand why bhagat NAMDEV JI said this pangti-HINDU ANDHA TURK KANA.It was the work of so many blind hindus that so many sikhs were just reduce to dust because they were sikhs.All these things were written in our "SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI" when you and I who are reading this were not even born so how can we fight or criticise each other when you know the reality.True SIKH or GURSIKH believe in equality of all people but not in other religions which dont believe in FORMLESS GOD(WAHEGURU JI),NIRANKAR who has been the KING OF KINGS PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE.WAHEGURU HAD MADE SIKHS HOUSE OF GOLD(SRI HARMANDIR SAHIB is called HARI da MANDIR(NIRANKAR/WAHEGURU-(Who is the BIGGEST KING)which is all GOLD.NOBODY HOUSE IS MADE OF GOLD BUT STILL WE LIVE LIKE BEGGARS BECAUSE WE WANT TO LIVE LIKE OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE RICH AND FAMOUS BUT NEVER THINK HOW RICH WE ARE.IF YOU SEE A GURSIKH WEARING A "CHOLA WITH ALL THE SHASTARS"you will see his dress resembles like a king becuase raja maharaja's used to wear this type of dress but some people laugh because they are beggars and dont know the real meaning.Only GURSIKHS is the true sikhs and also SAINTS&SOLDIERS of GOD.WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KE FATEH.(BHUL CHUK MAAF KARNI)............

Why hindus criticise sikhism

I was listening to Giani Maskin ji katha -"HINDU ANDHA".This is true that whichever person is in the front people will criticise him,whoever is behind will never be criticised.Since,hindus have been criticising sikhism since the first GURU NANAK DEV JI.Our Guruji gave logic for everything hindu said against them and even the rituals and caste system was not accepted by GURU JI.I am not against my Hindu brothers who understand sikhism and love sikh religion but the religious hindu leaders are shouting that sikhism is form of hinduism.I really dont understand why these people instead of practicing their religion are more concerned about things which they are unable to understand.Only if a hindu practice his religion will understand there is no need to argue over this point but to practice your religion.As our great Saint Soldier Sant Jarnail Singh bhindranwale said"Hindu pura hindu bna"Sikh puran Sikh".HINDU Andha kyon hai-I can explain you in the next post.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Today(1aug,2007)as I was reading "AJIT NEWSPAPER" as I live in hong kong and before starting my office I always read the news as what is happenning in Punjab.After reading the news of Sardar balwant singh and sardar jagtar singh hawara and I also gone through all the things which were said about their hangings,I read the comments from beant family members and other people who were in favour of the hangings(among them one was bita who use to steal cycles of his classmates while he was studying in chandigarh and fellow students called him "Cycle chor" i will talk about him later) that all the singhs should be hanged which were involved in the killing of Beant.As ajit news showed the homes and relatives of singhs and their stories who were involved in the killing,I read everybody comments and one thing I saw made me sad and also angry.First what make me sad was,I saw all the singhs who were involved in this case the only people I could see were old mothers and fathers,brothers and their empty barren houses.I didnt see any parents or relatives of the singhs who had become political leaders and also nothing changed in their lifestyle and in their homes was same and nothing changed.If you see the AJIT NEWSPAPER ONline on 1st august,2007 here is the link Click Here! if you want to see and you will make out what I am trying to express here in this blog.About Beant family members they arrived in cars with security men around and the relatives of singh came in may be buses or cars and were left stranded half a mile away from the court.As beant family members commented they want all to be hanged and you can see the lifestyle and their posh homes.What have they lost nothing morever they became political leaders and now they are saying these singhs should be hanged.Does it worry them whether all the singhs should be hanged or not,i DONT THINK they have any involvement.what do they loss after the killing of beant.They didnt losse anything and they were given security and everything they have to carry on their lives and their children are happy with all the wealth and the popularity they received after beant death.
I ask them one question what do these singhs are left with and did they receive any help from anything.Their families are allready exiled as some have left their homes and gone abroad and what are they left with.They didnt kill beant in order to get power or money ,they did what they beleive was right and they didnt do anything for money or personal enemity towards beant and all they did after seeing the crisis developed by beant and KPS gill.If anyone or anybody who feels the singhs are guilty or who think that they did wrong,then I would ask them first go and check what your beant and KPS gill did,nearly more thank one lakh singhs were killed during his regime.These beant family members if have some heart then go and see the families of the people affected by beant and the houses of the singhs ill treated and made shaheed during his regime.Medias shows what the singhs did but what they dont show is the families of all the singhs which were killed and tortured and some disappeared and still some of the mothers and fathers in punjab believe that there sons might be alive and one day they will come home,these members of beant family and other people(like cycle chor "bita") portraying singhs as they have done something very wrong,How many sons ,how many families were affected ,there is no count ,unaccountable.I ask these people to go and see if they have the guts to do so and see what is happening.Sitting in A/C rooms and cars wont tell you what went wrong during the reign of Beant.
BUT I THINK THE MOST RESPONSIBLE PERSON FOR THE DEATHS OF SINGHS IN THE PUNJABE SHOULD BE PUT ON THAT MOTHER FUCKER "MASTER TARA SINGH".That idiot if had any sense would have opted for separate land for SIKHS then this would have not happen and all those singhs died because would have been alive today and you could imagine if at that time they opted for separate land then I can undoubtedly say "PUNJAB" Would have been the richest place and our farmers would have been the richest people and also the industries would have been set up in punjab and there would be no unemployment and since now I and many others who migrate to foreign lands would have been earning enough to support their families and PUNJAB.You can only imagine how PUNJAB would have been if it was a separate land.

birth of khalistan

Today,I heard the news of singhs going to be hanged for the killing of beant (I dont add singh to his name because he was not a singh).First of all why I decide to start a blog about birth of khalistan(this is the title of my blog).As bhindranwale said on the day when the indian armies would put their first step in the Sri harminder sahib to attack,on that day khalistan will be born and now i really feel it is happening.If you have read about geography ,the earth was created after many big bangs which happened on Earth.Now,I can understand now what SARDAR BHINDRANWALE said was right.The first big bang was on 4june,1984.Second big bang happened when Sardar Satwant singh and Sardar beant singh murdered Indira and they were also hanged abd after that numerous big bangs happened and now Another bing bang will happen if they hang sardar balwant singh and sardar jagtar singh hawara will be hanged.Believe me or not by hanging these great sikh martyrs hindustan is unknowingly creating KHALISTAN.